Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm posting at Popculturedivas today - and I've got an early new Scorpius scene posted over there - Scroll down for 5 on Friday

Please join me at Popculturedivas for my latest Scorpius installment.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Popculturedivas was previously experiencing technical difficulties. But now it can be accessed without any of that nasty internet freezing that haunted some readers.

This is week 20 for my serialized fiction - and things are heating up.

10-year-old Scorpius has retrieved his master from the estate, where he was tortured about a violent incident that happened at the falconer's cottage. Will Scorpius be able to get the answers he needs from his master, when the torturers could not?

Join me at Popculturedivas and find out.


Alice Audrey said...

It locked up on me. I'll try back later.