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Thursday Thirteen - 207 - 13 More Ways to Admire Richard Armitage

Day 18 of the A to Z Challenge at A Piece of My Mind Falls on Thursday Thirteen day.

That means thirteen ways to explore or contemplate something - which, in this case, means thirteen fabulous facts about Richard Armitage.

Because R is definitely for Richard Armitage.

1 - In fact, R has been for Richard Armitage three times previously on Thursday Thirteen day:

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I'm allowed to be obsessed with him, because he's the muse for my Scorpius character who appears on Saturdays in my serialized fiction feature.

2 - Richard Armitage - most recently appearing as John Porter in Strike Back depending on air dates in different countries.

6' 2"

Eyes - Blue

Hair - Dark brown

Type - Athletic / Turning 40 this year

He works as an actor / Extensive voiceover work

Works in television / Film / Stage

3 - Richard grew up just outside of Leicester in the East Midlands of England, the son of John, an engineer and Margaret, a secretary.

His family recognized his aptitude for the arts and enrolled him at Pattison College, a performing arts boarding school.

Once graduated, he joined a physical theatre troupe, The Second Generation.

Performed in Nachtcircus in Budapest, Hungary

Appeared in West End productions of:

42nd Street
My One and Only
Mr. Wonderful
Annie Get your Gun

Next photo is straying into Not Safe For Work territory...

4 - Richard has kept up his tiptop dance form for his stunt-heavy roles, such as Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood, shown above.

5 - Mr. Delicious is not strictly eye candy, ladies - if you can find some time in his schedule, perhaps you could meet up...

6 - If you have yet to discover Richard Armitage, might I suggest beginning with this sublime British miniseries about class differences in Victorian England?

In North & South, he plays a mill owner - read, loathsome merchant - who develops feelings for a gentlewoman from the south of England.

My Guarantee: This series has the most romantic kiss ever.


7 - The next character you should not miss if you're going to dive into Richard's work is Guy of Gisborne from Robin Hood.

Richard pretty much specializes in The Gray Character - and this enforcer for the Sheriff of Nottingham makes you somehow care deeply about a truly ruthless person.

8 - More Gray Character exploration in Spooks / MI-5 - Richard played British spy Lucas North for three seasons, where his identity issues and loyalties were presented and reworked in kaleidoscopic fashion.

9 - Remember my soft spot for a man in chains?


Richard never fails to disappoint. He's given us numerous reasons to tune in for some prime Prometheus Bound, particularly with Robin Hood, Spooks/MI-5, George Gently and above in Strike Back.

10 - One of my favorites of Richard's roles is young painter Claude Monet in The Impressionists. If you can find this one, it will fill you with admiration for this revolutionary group of artists.

11 - Another role where Richard really shines is the incredibly shy Yorkshire farmhand John Standring in Sparkhouse. Here he's gets to play a less gray, though just as complicated man who forms a third of a love triangle (my favorite!)

12 - And Richard is an awesome crier.

CLICK HERE to watch clip

13 - Richard is currently shooting Peter Jackson's The Hobbit in New Zealand.

Go, Richard!


Julianne MacLean said...

Lovely Richard :)

Donna Alward said...

Oh, happy sigh! I just lent Kelly North and South and I just finished season 7 of MI5.

I agree with the best on screen kiss ever in N&S. He has the loveliest hands. :-)

I also saw his behind the scenes bit in the production clip from Peter Jackson for The Hobbit. I believe I sighed then, too. My dh rolled his eyes. ;-)

Jennie Marsland said...

What a delectable post, and that kiss is just sublime. Long live King Richard!

M.J. Fifield said...

Loved Robin Hood oh so much. I didn't know he was working on the Hobbit. Makes me want to see the movie even more now.

Sarah Allen said...

Ah!!! I was like, beautiful, beautiful man, where have I seen you before...and then I saw the North and South picture. AHH! Such a wonderful movie! When he stands there and says "look back at me" my heart breaks. Now I have to go watch it...

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

Anonymous said...

Nikki here - LOVED North and South ... just saw it on Netflix a few weeks ago and you are so right about that kiss. It's perfect!!!!

Started watching MI-5 now on the Season he comes in ... I'm now hooked!

Great choice Julia!!

Xakara said...

I can't wait to see him in the Hobbit! Thanks for reminding me of everything else he's been in. :)

Happy TT,

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