Sunday, February 12, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - 3

Writers are encouraged to post six sentences from a work-in-progress or published piece. Sign into the Linky at Six Sentence Sunday, and visit other SSS participants.

I was just about to shut down the computer last night, when I realized I hadn't signed up for this week's SSS. Of course, when I made my way over there, the Linky had already closed.


Oh well - I'll post anyway, and remember to sign up in time from now on.

This week, we meet a member of a love triangle in my debut vampire novel, SAINT SANGUINUS. Cavan is the son of the village wise woman in 6th century Wales. Though admired by the women for his handsome charm, his association with someone feared for her healing powers means he's never been considered as a possible mate.

Yet, he's always held a candle for Tanwen, betrothed to recently-fallen warrior Peredur.


“What is barely tolerated in a woman is feared and loathed and hunted down in a man.” He glanced back at his mam for a long moment, then gazed back up at Tanwen. She’d thought he already appeared as emotionally naked as a man could get, but the expression he wore now was heartrending.

“Do you know she foresaw everything that would happen to me, including this night, Tanwen? And she was urged by her spirit guide to put an end to me there and then, with the blood of her womb still upon me.”

Tanwen shook her head at the horror of such a thought, even though his words ‘including this night’ set her trembling.


Cate Masters said...

That's quite a heavy thing to live with. Hope he appreciates his mam! Loving these snippets.

Angela Quarles said...

Oh wow! Great 6! Poor guy, that's quite some baggage!

Paula Martin said...

Tense and intriguing - great six!

Ranae Rose said...

Intriguing six!

Travis Cody said...

Without giving too much away, in case some haven't yet read the whole book...I did like the way you set up Cavan in the early part of the story.