Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Thursday Thirteen - 242 - 13 People I Follow on Twitter

Until I went to the writers' conference in New York last June, I used Twitter only sporadically. I had my blog set to feed all posts directly to Twitter, and that gave me automatic status updates, which suited this blogger perfectly.

I don't have a cell phone or any other sort of mobile electronic device - what did I need Twitter for, really?

Apparently, my writing life needed Twitter desperately. At the conference, I discovered that everyone involved in publishing was a heavy Twitter user. So, if I wanted to dance, I'd better get myself to the party.

Since July, I've been steadily increasing my Twitter followers and am closing in on 1000. I've discovered lots and lots of great book review bloggers through Twitter, plus all manner of arts Twitterers, writers, film industry folk, Twitterers from television, comics, publishing, social media, local Halifax and Nova Scotia Twitterers, Toronto Twitterers, and some who are just plain interesting folk.

I've already noticed a huge impact on my blog and Facebook stats since I stopped using Twitter as a parking space and hit the open road instead.

In celebration of my impending 1000th follower, here are thirteen Twitterers I follow, with a sample tweet:

1 - @evilpez4

Carpoolapalooza starts tomorrow. Dust off your small talk & hide that WHAM! Cd. #Halifax #Dartmouth #transitstrikeisgo

2 - @canadiancynic

Sure, experts might disagree but Stephen Harper is a "trained economist" with a rigid, throbbing mandate.

3 - @porterthereport

The key to Apple's success: Chinese Sweatshops, where workers are available 24/7 for $17 a day! Such enthusiasm!

4 - @mlhelliwell

It's Feburary. February. Whatever.My spell checker is going to get a workout this month. #cantspellfebruary

5 - @jessied44

@RealHughJackman . It really is happening. After decades. You and Colm making it come true.

6 - @nationalballet

Hey @metromorning fans watch National Ballet’s Guillaume Côté in int'l viral sensation Lost in Motion, over 250K views!

7 - @Browne Tom

Still don't know ur writing voice? What's ur personality type? Sad/depressed/dark - try comedy. Happy/content/pleasant - go for a thriller.

8 - @portentint

10,001 followers. It works forwards AND backwards.

9 - @jumblejim

Maybe I should become a hairdresser so my daughter Maddie wouldn't look like a goat's been sucking her hair.

10 - @AjayFry

My fly was down the whole way to work this morning. Hope you appreciated it Toronto.

11 - @RAnetdotcom

I've been asked to run a poll about characters from classic novels you'd like to see Richard play. Suggestions for the list please?

12 - @ParanormalRead1

Come by and leave a teaser of what your reading or writing on our wall. Paranormal Reads

13 - @GothicNet

News: The Top Ten Horror Films of 2011 top-ten-horror-films-of-2011"


Jennifer Leeland said...

Very cool!!! I love following Food Network. I follow tons of authors and that makes it fun.

Akelamalu said...

When I got my new android phone I started using Twitter. It lasted for about a month, then I got fed up with it. ;)

CountryDew said...

I haven't figured out what Twitter is actually *for*. Apparently I am really missing something but it really makes no sense to me.

Jaycee DeLorenzo said...

Very cool. I enjoy Twitter, but it takes up so much of my writing time that I'm kind of going to have to cut myself off for a while. :D

Michelle Helliwell said...

Thanks for the follow, Julia:) I had my doubts about twitter, but I have to say I love it. And it's great for news...I think it breaks on twitter before anywhere else!

Cate Masters said...

Evilpez - too funny!
Hm, a "throbbing mandate"? :)