Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thursday Thirteen - 243 - 13 Ways My First-Ever Book Signing Was an Amazing Night to Remember

1 - CLICK HERE to watch a news feature--my writers' group's Hearts on Fire event

Local CTV cameras were at The Halifax Club last Thursday night to interview members of Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada in time for their Valentine's Day broadcast.

L to R: Tara MacDonald, Heidi Hamburg, Renee Field, Jennie Marsland, Donna Alward and me

2 - This is our second group networking event. Last year's was held at Argyle Fine Art.

This year we met up with cross-industry media guests, film & television production professionals and business community members, as well as celebrating with family and friends at the elegant Halifax Club.

3 - Almost immediately I found myself introduced to Karen Wentzell and Lara Cassidy, both on the Board of Directors for Women in Film and Television Atlantic.

Since I'll be attending their conference next month, Women Making Waves, it was a real pleasure to meet them beforehand. It's less than a month before the conference opens on Mar. 9th - can't wait.

4 - Also following nearly two decades in the film and television industry doing wardrobe and costume design, Jeanie Kimber now runs her own wardrobe consulting service.

I also once looked after her wee Kimbers when Jeanie worked as the layout and design guru for a local magazine she produced with her husband. So, we're family, really.

5 - While CTV's Kelland Sundahl set up her interview with Bev Pettersen...

6 - ...Giacomo Bruno took shots for SNAP Halifax.

7 - Celebrating this life milestone alongside me - my husband Brad...

8 - ...and my best friend forever, the one, the only...Connie.

9 - With my family - husband Brad and mom Paulette.

10 - The evening was put together by Shawna Romkey who runs Dogwood Consulting, and Tara MacDonald who runs Charlie Mac Productions.

11 - Shawna gave me my dream-come-true moment. This was the moment I signed a copy of my book for the first time ever.

Thank you, Shawna.

12 - The evening also included absolutely delicious hors d'oeuvres and wine. Brad enjoys some chicken skewers while Tara catches up with aesthetician Shelley LeBlonc and photographer Caroline Ruyle.

13 - Stepping inside the doors of the Halifax Club was a personal joy for me, as the mid-Victorian mansion had long been admired by me from afar.

Here's to more dreams coming true. Is there something you've been longing to do? So much has changed for me in the space of only one year. If you have a dream that burns inside, maybe it's time to let it out to play.


jayedee said...

sounds like you had an amazing evening! thank you for sharing..happy TT!

Book Sp(l)ot said...

Congratulations!! I'm glad it was such a fantastic evening - and in such a beautiful place, too :)

My Thursday Thirteen

Travis Cody said...


Pam and I are patiently waiting for your next release.

OK...maybe we're not so patient. But we do understand the creative process and we would never rush you.

I am Harriet said...

How exciting!

Have a great Thursday!

Janet said...

I watched the Live at 5 segment - made sure I was tuned in after seeing that they were going to be there and interviewing you all. It was fabulous - congrats to the crew! And what an amazing feeling that this Valentine's event you were a published author, Julia - brilliant.

Thanks for sharing the photos - you all look amazing :)