Sunday, April 15, 2007

5 Things Most People Don't Know About Me

I got tagged with this one on Friday, but saved it for today:

1 - Most people don't know that I was born in Texas. In an army hospital, to be exact. My late father served in the US Army even though he was Canadian. As a registered alien, he was required to serve, so he joined rather than be drafted. So I entered the world at the Fort Hood army hospital in Killeen, Texas.

2 - Most people don't know that I have Mi'kmaq ancestry. The Mi'kmaq are the First Nation people here on Canada's east coast. Both sides of my family are Acadian, which is the French culture of the Atlantic provinces. Many Acadians married Mi'kmaq partners in the very early days, absorbing them into their European traditions. I have several Mi'kmaqs in my genealogy chart but don't have proper names for them, as all the females were renamed 'Marie'.

3 - Most people don't know that I have Phone-Out Phobia. I'm not sure what the actual name for it would be. But I used to work with someone who also shared my same problem. We both hate to call people. It doesn't matter who it is. It's not as bad when I call my husband or my best friend, but anyone else and I have to force myself to pick up the receiver. The stress level is in the High Agitation Zone. Answering the phone is fine. Calling out is bad. And my former co-worker also hates to go through drive-throughs. Both of us park and go inside to order. It's the disembodied voices - we can't take it.

4 - Most people don't know that my love of all things Christmas usually means there's a few Christmas items lurking about our apartment in full view during most of the year. Like the Nutcracker standing on top of my china cabinet. I love him being there, no matter if it's April. I don't get too many people dropping by the apartment, as my husband has bipolar disorder and can get worn out by company. We try to keep socializing outside of our home so that it's always a haven for him. So I can leave Christmas up as long as I want.

5 - Most people don't know that I don't have a digital camera. They know I love taking pictures. They know I have an addiction to buying photo albums and frames. But I have a camera that takes 35mm film. I'm old fashioned, that way.

And now you know!


Unknown said...

Unless it's my family, I don't really like calling people. I will if I have to, but I usually try and get my husband to do it for me.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Good to know, Christine! My phone phobia sister.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Phone-out Phobia. I like that! I dont like calling people, either. I'm always afraid I'll intrude, because around here, the phone ALWAYS rings at the worst moment possible.

(I still have a 35mm camera, too. Don't know if I'll ever let it go.)

Glad you came back to West of Mars; I hope I'll be a regular stop for you now!

Kelly Boyce said...

So if you were born in Texas would you have dual citizenship?

Unknown said...

I didn't know most of that stuff. But, I did know about the phone out phobia. I'm okay with the phone-out - but I might have a mild phobia about answering the phone. Hate it. Email and answering machines were made for me.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Kelly, I am a proud dual citizen of Canada and the United States. I've lived in Canada for 36 of my 42 years, and identify myself as Canadian. But I have close family in the US and love that part of my life as well.

Julie S said...

I'm attached to my old 35mm, but I'm addicted to my digital camera.

I don't like calling people very much. But I have to, mainly for work.

Jonas said...

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