Friday, October 2, 2009

Stargate Universe Premiers Tonight on Space

You may recall that one of the stories I'm working on takes place immediately following the Battle of Culloden in 1740's Scotland.

And that my main character Jock MacKeigan is a dead ringer for Scottish actor Robert Carlyle.

So just imagine how thrilled I am that Carlyle is debuting tonight on Stargate Universe.

Isabella Snow says I did not know he was Scottish!!

Travis says We saw the previews for this show and it looks interesting.

Susan says Another thing that we share, this and Robert Carlyle - LOVE that photo of him.....*sigh*


Anonymous said...

I did not know he was Scottish!!

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Isabella - Oh, yes! Very Scottish.

Travis Cody said...

We stopped on SciFi channel last night because The Mummy was on it, and we rarely pass up a chance to watch The Mummy. It's just one of those movies that stops the channel surfing.

Anyway, we saw the previews for this show and it looks interesting.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Travis - I've been waiting for it all summer. I was so tired last night I actually fell asleep during the last ten minutes - sitting up! But it wasn't because I didn't love it. I loved it! I was just exhausted. I caught up on those last ten minutes when Space rebroadcast it this afternoon.

I remember The Mummy from seeing it on TV when I was a little kid. I remember really getting into the flashback-in-ancient-Egypt scenes.

Susan said...

I'm just about to watch it tonight - I had to PVR it because I had a previous engagement. I'm so excited! I love that you are too, Julia! Another thing that we share, this and Robert Carlyle - LOVE that photos of him.....*sigh* did you ever see him in the Scottish series where he was a policeman? I'll come back after I watch it.

And I always enjoyed The Mummy, too. I didn't know it was on, but then I was out, too.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Susan - LOL! Richard Armitage...check! Robert Carlyle...check! What can I say? We have extremely good taste.

And of course I've seen Hamish MacBeth. I LOVE that show. Especially the opening credits.

Amy Ruttan said...

I was thrilled to see Robert Carlyle in SG-U.

I was intrigued enough to watch it again. Though I missed the beginning.

And can anyone say "The Full Monty?"

Thomma Lyn said...

I didn't know he was Scottish, either! Fascinating. :)

Wylie Kinson said...

Aw - I didn't catch it. Must look out for reruns...
I can't look at him without seeing the last scene in The Full Monty *hee*