Sunday, July 26, 2009

Poetry Train Monday - 111 - In His Neighbour's Boat

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For today's piece of found poetry, I'm heading back into my 1980 diary.

That summer I lived the thrill of my first romantic relationship. This is from an afternoon and evening spent at my boyfriend's house. He lived on a lake and was one of seven kids. Coming from a family of two sisters myself, I just adored being gathered into the mob of his large family.

In His Neighbour's Boat

Mr. Savage found me a
Bathing suit

Philip, Barney, Brigie and I
Went swimming

The water was

I stayed for supper
Clam chowder, which was

Pat lent me his
PA High School grey sweatpants
And an orange jacket

I went sailing
With Philip
In his neighbour's boat

While the neighbour
- Peter -
And Philip
Set up the boat

I held onto Hannah
Peter's delightful little baby

Was a lot of fun
We had to
Watch out for

The waves
They made
Were fun

- Julia Smith, July 26, 2009 / original text July 22, 1980

Dorothy says I loved being part of my friends big families, too.

Shelley Munro says I loved the sense of fun and family you showed us in this poem.

Louise says Loved it, Julia :o)


Dorothy said...

Cute. I loved being part of my friends big families, too. Is that you behind the speedboat?

Ire said...

Its a cute poem Julia.

Shelley Munro said...

I loved the sense of fun and family you showed us in this poem.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Dorothy - No! That's definitely not me waterskiing. I grabbed the picture off the net.

Nikki - Thanks!

Shelley - I got that sense from my diary entry. Instead of focusing on the boyfriend, I was focused on feeling like an extra member of the whole crew.

Amy Ruttan said...

I love summer's spent on the lake.

Louise said...

Loved it, Julia :o)

Ire said...

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Stan Ski said...

fun on the water - happy days.

angie said...

I finally made it here!!

(couldn't stop playing with those found poems!)

I love yours! What a great idea, pulling out your old diaries. Lovely.

Lion-ess said...

very cool!
This will be me in a few yrs time, looking back at past poetry and journals!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I've never had this sort of experience, being part of a bigger family (and feeling like I'm part of it). I've always wished for it, though.