Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer Stock Sunday - 7

Seventeen years ago today, I got ready for my wedding along with my best friend, another lifelong friend, my cousin, my sister, new sister-in-law-to-be and my husband's very dear friend from acting school - Andrea. She got to hang with both groups of the wedding party - the ones getting a French twist, which my mom did up (she was a hair dresser, once upon a time) and the ones getting dressed in tuxedoes.

My best friend Connie and my cousin Julianne flank Andrea and her completed French twist.

My cousin and my sister use hot rollers to give their hair more body before going up in the twist.

My mom gives my sister Michelle her 'do.

Doesn't Andrea look fabulous? She stood up for Brad as his 'best man', which we renamed as 'attendant of honour.'

That's Dave, our old roommate, one of Brad's groomsmen and the MC for the reception.

The wedding party assembles at the church.

My best friend - and matron of honour - hands out the bouquets.

I stand at the threshhold of my new life with my dad's hand embracing mine.

The exchange of rings.

Our hands joined in marriage. New beginnings still seem fresh to Brad and me all these years later.

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Robin says I don't have any photos of people getting ready for our wedding, just the traditional album.

Bim says The photos are fab.

Michelle Johnson says What tender memories you've shared.


Anonymous said...

Wishing you and your hubby a scent-sational Anniversary!

Robin said...

What beautiful memories, and how lucky that you preserved them. I don't have any photos of people getting ready for our wedding, just the traditional album.

Happy anniversary!

kaye said...

wonderful memories. my summer stock photo can be seen here

Bim said...

Happy Wedding Anniversary - the photos are fab.

Akelamalu said...

Happy Anniversary m'dear and thankyou for sharing your memories and photographs.

Do pop into my place tomorrow there's a little something for you. x

Dianne said...

Happy Anniversary!!

wonderful photos

Michelle Johnson said...

Your wedding looked beautiful. What tender memories you've shared. Happy Anniversary.

Ellie said...

Such beautiful memories! I was a ringbearing girl once - had more fun with that then being the bride :) It is so happy feeling getting all pretty and swirl around in a cute dress - princess for a day!

Julia Smith said...

Camerapatty - We're just hanging out at home this weekend. We'll go out next week when Harry Potter releases in theatres!

Robin - You have to understand - I come from a shutterbug family. We take pictures of absolutely everything.

Kaye - I savour them.

Bim - Luckily, there were at least five or six really talented photographers in my family/friends all snapping away. I got really excellent multi-POV shots.

Akelamalu - Thanks for sharing them with me! And I'll be over soon...

Dianne - Thanks!

Michelle - My most tender memory is when my dad turned slightly in the room where we were getting ready, and I saw that he wanted me to see what he was looking at in the big oval mirror: the two of us ready to go down the aisle. A wordless moment that will be with me forever.

Ellie - For a woman who's not much of an outward-appearances person, I did love my princess-for-a-day bride extravaganza!

Joyce said...

Happy Anniversary.

hip chick said...

Congratulations on your 17th anniversary! Wonderful old photo's.

Travis said...

Happy Anniversary!