Monday, July 20, 2009

Through the Opera Glasses - 23 - First Kiss, Destiny and Meeting God

Michelle Johnson over at Poefusion takes part in Manic Monday, hosted by Fleur de Lisa - and for today's Through the Opera Glasses I thought I'd focus my sights on her prompt.

As you may recall, I'm taking part in Kim's Blog Improvement Project, and the latest challenge is to once again shake up our normal offerings. We're encouraged to post as many different types of blog posts as we can by July 24th.

"It’s easy to get into a pattern of writing the same kinds of posts over and over again," Kim reminds us. "But sometimes it can be fun to spice it up."

Here are Michelle's prompts:

When and with whom was your first kiss?

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?

What would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

I'm going to put an arts twist on this prompt, since this is my arts feature.

First kiss - My own first kiss was with my first boyfriend, Philip. For more details, check out my story in my Naughty Meme of Firsts.

When I think of a perfect depiction of a first kiss, I can't help but think of the final scene in 1995's Persuasion.

It occurs at the 5:50 mark in the clip below.

But of course, I can't rule out the kiss in North & South.

Warning ladies - watching this scene may turn you into a puddle of goo...

Does everything happen for a reason? - Well, let's see. When I first moved to Toronto 23 years ago, I worked as a live-in nanny in the west end of the city. I went over to a movie theatre to fill out an application for evening and weekend work - at the Humber theatre - and began walking east along Bloor Street. Not west. East.

I wanted to start meeting people with similar interests to mine. I figured movie theatre people would be a good start.

Not too far along I saw a sign for psychic readings. I thought, what the heck? So I went up. I didn't keep going along the storefronts as I normally did.

The young woman read my palm, and among her observations she was adamant that my soul mate was very near. She mentioned that he wore a uniform. Since I was brand new to the city with only two friends from home also in Toronto, plus the family for whom I worked, I thought, don't know how that can be.

When I was done, I went down the stairs to the street. I kept walking east along Bloor Street until I got to another movie theater I hadn't even known about. It was the Runnymede Theatre. So I went in and applied.

I was called to start work there not long after. One of my co-workers was a very handsome usher named Brad Smith. To whom I'm now married.

I absolutely think everything does happen for a reason. In the same way that thousands of people gather for a performance at the same place at the same time, the universe arranges significant events in order to facilitate each person's potential for growth. The universe has the ticket with the date and time. It's our job to sense when the curtain is about to go up.

A wonderful film with this outlook is Serendipity.

What would I like to hear God say when I cross over? - I would like to hear: Rest, now.

A truly chills-inspiring meeting-up-with-God scene for me is the ending of The Fountain. The music really thrills me.

So... What about you?

Thomma Lyn Grindstaff says I had fun reading your Naughty Meme of Firsts. :-D

Ms Snarky Pants says I love how you met your husband! That's a great story!

Michelle Johnson says I can't believe you worked at a movie theatre growing up. I did too. But, I didn't meet my second husband there.


Thomma Lyn said...

Way cool, how you met your husband! :-D And I had fun reading your Naughty Meme of Firsts. :-D

MsSnarkyPants said...

I love how you met your husband! That's a great story! I have been wanting to get a psychic reading. I think I'll make my friends go with me on my 30th birthday. hehe You know for moral support. ;)

poefusion said...

Good Morning~ First I'm flattered you credited me but I have to say this isn't my meme/ prompt. I just participate. The true credit goes to Fleur de Lisa at her Manic Monday blog. You can find the link to her blog in my post. Just click on her badge.

Secondly, I must watch that movie North and South. I loved that scene you shared from You Tube. I have to add that Gone With The Wind was a really good movie and the love scenes are definitely dramatic.

I can't believe you worked at a movie theatre growing up. I did too. I worked at the Strand Twin in Prestonsburg for about 6 months to a year. I really enjoyed working there too. But, I didn't meet my second husband there.

I've seen some of that movie The Fountain and it looks really good. I really would like to catch that one from the beginning.

Love what you did with these questions. Hope all is well. Have a great day.

Kelly Boyce said...

I LOVED the kiss scene in North & South. LOVED IT! LOVED. Did I mention how much I loved it?

And I love the story of how you and Brad met. I never get tired of hearing it.

Which reminds me - I have a meeting with Debbie on Aug 13th. I'll let you know how it goes. ;)

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Thomma Lyn - *tee hee* I love that meme!

Ms Snarky Pants - I'm somewhat psychic myself, and can feel whether the psychic and I will be a good fit. And psychics always pick up on my 'amateur status'. I would pay attention to whether you're picking up a good vibe and if you're not comfortable, find someone who is a better fit. Exactly how you would be when choosing a doctor, for example.

Michelle - I've fixed the Manic Monday info, and I popped over to her blog, as well. North & South is a British miniseries, and it's SO wonderful you can't live another day without seeing it. Take my word for it.

Kelly - I think the North & South scene is the most romantic scene evah. And when he thinks for a moment that she's going to board the other train, his crushed expression just squeezes my heart into smithereens.

sheila said...

I'd love to hear God say: Welcome home, you've lived a long and happy life!

... Paige said...

I think I would want God to say...Thank Me, I was beginning to think you would never get here.