Sunday, July 19, 2009

Poetry Train Monday - 110 - Forest Bed

Saturday would have been my friend Pam's birthday, so I was thinking about her all day. She passed away a year ago last week.

Today's found poem is taken from a prose writing exercise from March of this year at my writers' group. We were doing a workshop on color, and I had to write something focusing on the color green.

Who else could I think of for green but my Eco Hero friend, Pam Langille?

Forest Bed

In the Acadian forest
I sit

Under the canopy
of fir trees

Green needles sway
In the breeze
Filtering the light

Through greyed
Brown branches
Emerald green leaves

Poke through the firs
Beech and birch
Bright moist green moss

Coating fallen trunks
Gathered back
Into the soil

Soft feathery green
Lichen clings
To rock

The rock that marks your place
Your place is among the roots
Of the shining ancient hemlock


Needles draped
Your forest bed

- Julia Smith, July 19, 2009 / original text March 2009

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Ms Snarky Pants says Oh that's beautiful!

Michelle Johnson says Pam's smile is exuberant in your photo.

Nikki says Why do friends have to die?


MsSnarkyPants said...

Oh that's beautiful! I'm so sorry about your friend!

Michelle Johnson said...

Pam's smile is exuberant in your photo. I'm sorry for your loss.

Your poem is a wonderful tribute to her. Good night~

Nikki said...

Why do friends have to die? Beautiful poem Julia. Very touching. Loved it.

ps: how have you been?

Stan Ski said...

Great tribute.

Akelamalu said...

That's a beautiful poem Julia and a beautiful tribute to your friend. x

Nara Malone said...

a beautiful gift to your friend

Dorte H said...

What a beautiful way to remember your friend!

Dorothy said...

Lovely poem, beautiful tribute to your friend.

thisgirlremembers said...

What a beautiful poem - I could smell the forest! :) A lovely tribute to your friend.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

You know I'll be thinking of this when I'm at Cub Scout Camp next week! Bet you never expected to wind up there -- even if it's only in someone's thoughts.

gautami tripathy said...

She was beautiful. Your poem touched me. Beautiful!

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