Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer Stock Sunday - 6

What could be more summery than a family dinner on Canada Day?

My little cousin Sarah enjoys a hot dog, while my dog Xena supervises.

Xena is thrilled to have so much company. She shares a moment with my cousin Emily.

Our family usually has a family dinner once a month. But this year has gone by so quickly, none of us could believe we haven't had one since Christmas Day. My sister Michelle hangs out with our cousin Julianne, her husband Stephen, their daughter Laura and Auntie Noel.

Xena gets up close and personal with Stephen.

Uncle Charlie tells us about a TV project he's working on about an aboriginal healing circle and the continuing pain caused by the residential schools of decades past. My husband Brad, Julianne and Stephen listen in.

Brad and me, happily fed.

My sister Michelle and her sweetheart, Newt.

My cousin Charlie enjoys the cake.

Chatting in the kitchen - Laura, Julianne, Michelle, Charlie and his wife Heather.

My Mom - nothing makes her happier than putting on a family dinner.

Thanks, Sarah - great watering job!

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Ellie says I liked the red napkins - nice accessory to that desert my mouth is craving now!

Anya says The cake looks yummieee.....

Heather says It was a great time, Thank you and Auntie.


Glennis said...

Happy Canada Day.
What a lovely relaxed family dinner, a good way to celebrate.

Ellie said...

Happy Canada Day / I know I'm a bit late/. I liked the red napkins - nice accessory to that desert my mouth is craving now! The last picture - with the watering can is my favorite - it is like from a cute girl's book!

Robin said...

A perfect way to celebrate Canada Day. Love the napkins ;-).

That picture of you and Brad is great!

Anya said...

Very lovely family shots,
The cake looks yummieee.....
Happy Canada day !!

Bim said...

Well, belated happy Canada day! It looks like it was a cheerful occasion.

Akelamalu said...

Nothing beats a family getting together regularly for a meal. Love your family get together photos Julia. :)

maryt/theteach said...

Nice job of shots celebrating your national holiday! Happy Canada Day! And happy 4th of July! :)

Annette Gallant said...

Happy (belated) Canada Day and Fourth of July!!

I love your family pics. Everyone always looks like they're having such a fun time. I wish my family wasn't scattered all over the place.

Heather D said...

Great collection of photos Julia. Your garden is fab as are you. It was a great time, Thank you and Auntie

Jessica The Rock Chick said...

Happy Canada Day to you!! I love big family dinners, too. We always had one weekly, then it turned into maybe once a month and as everyone's kids got older, it got next to impossible. I miss having them on a regular basis!

Travis Cody said...

How fun to have so much family nearby. That strawberry CAKE looks tempting!

Joyce said...

Happy Canada Day. Looks like everyone showed up for the delicious looking cake:)

Anonymous said...

A great family gathering- Happy Canada Day! And btw, whoever did the food did a wonderful job!
I had not heard of Canada Day...I'm afraid to say, but I'm going to go and read up on it right now!
My SSS is up too. Have a good weekend,

Daryl said...

What a nice way to spend time!

Thomma Lyn said...

Looks like you had a great Canada Day! The warmth and happiness of your family shows in your photos. :)

Jientje said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time together, and I feel like I was right there with all of you for a little while. Thanks for the glimpse into your life! I would not mind having a little piece of that strawberry cake now, but I suppose there's none of it left huh? See? I thought so!