Thursday, February 15, 2007


Last night as I sat on my couch, eating my supper, my dog curled up beside me, a voice broke through the howling windstorm outside and I looked up. His voice is unmistakable. Since I use this actor as the model for the vampire book I'm currently writing, you could safely say his voice rumbles through my head on a daily basis.

But last night it came from outside of my internal creative program. At least, I hoped that's why it sounded so commanding, compelling me to look up. Maybe I'd finally crossed it, that fine line between creativity and madness. But no, it was the commercial for Gerry Butler's upcoming "300", based on Frank Miller's graphic novel.

Because I'm a rabid Gerry fan, I've already seen one promo piece online. But this one had new footage in it, plus I could hear his voice finally, as opposed to reading his lips on the speaker-free work PC. "Spartans - this is where we fight. This is where we die."

Ooo! Shivers of delight! March 9th, all who would take this journey into the ancient world. Lots of swords, chiseled men, and extremely visceral cinematography, based exactingly on Miller's dynamic story panels. Only a few weeks to go. Waiting for a film I know I'm going to love is like exquisite foreplay. Can I take it? What other option do I have?


Kelly Boyce said...

I'm not a huge graphic novel fan...okay I'm not a graphic novel fan at all, and I'm not a huge fan of the stylized film because I think sometimes that gets in the way of the storytelling rather than enhancing it. But I'll go see anything with Gerard Butler in it, and the scenes for 300 look great. I saw the extended preview scenes at the theatre last night. Wow.