Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Funny Valentine

Don't change a hair for me
Not if you care for me

When these lyrics come up in "My Funny Valentine" by Rodgers and Hart, the sweetheart has been unfavourably compared to the Uber Male. The music itself is actually a bit melancholy. Were the writers lamenting the loss of a dream, perhaps?

It doesn't sound like it when you listen to the song. There's deep emotion inside it, and I always enjoyed singing it when my choir performed it last spring. Of course I would think of my husband and always get choked up at the line you make me smile with my heart.

I found the tune going through my head on the bus ride home yesterday. Then I started thinking about the sentiments of the song. If love is blind, isn't every sweetheart as attractive as the lyrics' perfect specimen?

Personally, I love the title of the song the most, because my valentine makes me laugh. It's impossible to be near him without both of us giggling after awhile. That makes every day Valentine's Day for me. Guess I'm stuck humming this tune for another day. As long as I don't break out into song at work.


Unknown said...

I love that song.

Good luck with the job interview this pm

Kelly Boyce said...

I think you should break out into song at work. I dare ya!

Julia Phillips Smith said...

My interview has been rescheduled for Friday, because the woman doing the interviewing is sick. So I'll let you know how everything works out.