Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Techno Woes

At one point last night, my sister simply turned to me and said, "You're cursed."

As far as my relationship with technology goes, she is on the money. My software, as is everything about my home computer set-up, is very old. I'd brought my first three chapters over to her place to print them off and get them ready to be mailed out. But there was something wonky about the header. She tried to correct it but there was a ghost page number too near the top of the page that wouldn't go away.

She got on the phone to her boyfriend, and he figured that my old WordPerfect program is having problems being converted back and forth into Word. So he can give me an upgrade, but not until next week. That's okay, because by then we'll be hooked up to the net. New updated software and a printer will be like a magic wand waved over my life. My sister's boyfriend happens to have a spare printer he doesn't need. And my sister needs to move the spare printer out of the house. Talk about win-win!


Unknown said...

Your sister's boyfriend sure is a handy guy to have around

Kelly Boyce said...

Soon you'll be techno savvy and be speaking in all the computer lingo.