Friday, September 28, 2012

5 on Friday - Set 138

Travis at Trav's Thoughts invites everyone to lay down a short set of music that takes their fancies for his 5 on Friday meme.

This set was triggered by hearing the first song while I was out and about last week. 

1 - I Belong to You - Lenny Kravitz

2 - Why Don't We Do It In the Road - The Beatles

3 - My Ever Changing Moods - The Style Council

4 - I Miss You Now - Stereophonics

5 - I Put a Spell on You - The Animals


Jamie said...

Good group and you can never go wrong with a Beatles song.

Anonymous said...

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Travis Cody said...

You almost got me with 5 tunes I'd never heard. The only one I knew was The Animals.

Odd, that you'd be able to throw a Beatles tune at me that I didn't know.

Great Set!