Monday, April 16, 2007

50th Post

It's my 50th post!

Here are some interesting fifty-ish things I'm thinking about today:

We will need 28 more prime ministers for Canada to reach its 50th prime minister. Who will it be?

The US will need 7 more presidents to reach its 50th president.

The UK will need 18 more monarchs to reach its 50th king or queen (descended from William I.)

Britain reached its 50th prime minister 2 leaders ago, with Margaret Thatcher.

France will need 28 more presidents to reach its 50th president.

Interesting that France became a republic 12 years after the US became a nation, yet the US has had 21 more presidents than France.

Canada has had the same number of prime ministers that France has had, but France has been a republic for 78 years longer than Canada has been a nation.

Also interesting that Britain gained its first ever female PM as its 50th PM.


Kailana said...

We need a female prime minister. Yes, I know there was one (ha), but she doesn't count. She was just a pawn. (And she was not elected, she just replace Mulroney)

annette said...

I think a female prime minister is a great idea, but can't think of any women politicians I'd like to see in the job.

Maybe the US will elect a woman next time around. I'm sure Hillary is hoping so.

Can't wait for the retreat either. It's going to be a lot of fun!

julia said...

Yes, Kailana, unfortunately Kim Campbell should have been a groundbreaker but she didn't have a very high profile.