Friday, April 20, 2007

A Sliver Moon and a Bright Planet

The weather here has been sleety, stormy and otherwise a total bust for walking my dog. But today the sun came out, and this evening after supper my Xena tore me away from the computer with leaps of joy. She knew we'd be heading out at long last.

As we rounded the corner of the house, the view of the new crecent moon in the sky with Venus just below it filled my heart with a humming sense of being alive.

"Forget television and steal a moment for yourself April 19 and 20," writes Blaine P. Friedlander in The Washington Post. "The sliver of a new moon dances below Venus on April 19, and a slightly larger sliver dances above Venus the next night."

Here's a brief glimpse of the sort of thing that makes me cherish night time walks over sunny strolls. I guess that's why I'm writing a vampire novel. I'm a creature of the night.


La Espia T. said...

A vampire novel?


Christine said...

It's been a while since I've read a vamp novel. I love them, but I haven't gotten around to buying any for a while. I don't think I could write one though. I should try...

julia said...

La Espia T, I posted an excerpt from my WIP on my April 9th blog. I'll post other excerpts in the future.

Christine, I checked out your excerpt for The Bond That Ties Us, which I really liked. Then I went to double-check your title just now and found a completely different scene. Am I halucinating? Please tell me there was another scene where Hayley Bond was talking to a female coworker.