Saturday, April 28, 2007

Annual Booksale at the Library

This morning my mom, my husband and I got up early (for us) and headed downtown to the library for the booksale we always want to go to but never get up for. We met one of my Bus Buddies and my aunt in the sizable lineup. Once we started to be let in, we had an additional half hour to wait before we were let into the sale room by the Libary Bouncer.

Remember, Brad and I need another book like we need a hole in the head. But there we were, patiently waiting for our chance to cruise the aisles with the other maniacs (some came equipped with boxes and wheeled carts.) When we got our okay to enter, I happily squeezed my way past everyone else, who contentedly did the same to me, craning our heads past shoulders and elbows, picking up books to flip them over to read the back copy.

I ended up with seven research books, plus Brad picked up a Chelsea Quinn Yarbro novel for me - Midnight Harvest, a Saint-Germain book. My favorite vampire!

I got Treasures of Tutankhamun, a companion book to a museum exhibit that I can use for my own vampire WIP.

Gentle Bridges, Conversations with the Dalai Lama on the Sciences of Mind, by Jeremy W. Hayward, PhD and Francisco J. Varela, PhD. Also for my current WIP.

An older Time Life Nature Library book on Australia, for a different historical WIP. Lots of goodies in that one.

And for yet another WIP, also historical, Fodor's Scotland; New Ways Through the Glens by A.R.B. Haldane; Poems and Songs by Robert Burns; and The Dandy, Brummell to Beerbohm by Ellen Moers. Just a ton of great stuff!

Getting up early nearly killed me, especially since I still feel like a tornado tore through me last week and my cell repair crew are still sifting through the wreckage. I dozed on the couch with my dog all afternoon. Brad and I had to go pay a bill and grab only a few groceries, cause I'm too tired to get a full load. Now it's back to the couch in time to watch "America's Most Wanted", our favorite Saturday night show for almost two decades. I just love it when John Walsh doesn't hold back in calling suspects 'scumbag', 'lowlife' and other colorful descriptions. That ought to cheer me up!


Annie Mac said...

Sounds like you came home from the sale with a few treasures. I've never made it over there for the book sale. I'm a little scared I wouldn't be able to shove all the books in my little car.

Hope you're feeling a little more like your old self for lunch tomorrow.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Our semi-annual booksale is next week. I'm trying to forget about it; my ONLY New Year's Resolution this year was to pare down some of the numbers in here. The stacks are overwhelming!

Glad you did well. Now rest and heal; you deserve it.

julia said...

Annie Mac, the fear of not being able to fit the books in your car is strangely comforting to me.

Susan, my topply stacks of books are my only form of interior design. I just have to remember to leave enough floor space so we can move from room to room.