Thursday, April 5, 2007

Doing Things I've Longed to Do

I was able to link up some fellow bloggers this afternoon at work, while I sat at reception. My home computer is too slow to process linking anything to my blog, which has been frustrating to say the least. But I had to cover reception this afternoon, which gave me all the time I needed to post links on the much quicker work PC.

I also added links to some of my favorite artists. Being a visual person, I'm very attracted to imagery. I get a lot of inspiration from the artists I've linked to my blog. I was talking a little while ago to one of my critique partners about what we do to get in the right zone for writing. She has to be immersed in reading or she can't get into the right flow. For me it has to be watching movies. I need to see my time period, or atmosphere, or setting, or emotional tone playing out in front of me, and then I get into my zone. I also usually have some sort of collage to do with my current story laying out near my monitor.

So today's layout expansion for my blog has been very exciting. On top of that was the thrill of finally joining as a member, after checking the site out as a lurker for two years. I had to pick out a username and another member name, submit it for approval and check my email for the yea-or-nay.

The approval was waiting there in my inbox - oh, joy! I actually posted a user comment on "300". What an intense thrill! When you've been visiting a site regularly but not joining because you only have internet access at work, the luxury of finally doing these things from home is sublime.


Annie Mac said...

Look at all those nice links on the side. The internet is a wonderful place when you are interested in certain subjects that not everybody cares about.

As for movies, my kids are finally past the Disney and Hillary Duff stage, so I get to watch a little more grown up stuff. Took them to see Blades of Glory this afternoon. Not very grown up but it was funny.

Amy Ruttan said...

Oooh I lurk at GB's site too. Isn't he dreamy *sigh*.

And all next week during EDJ I will be on reception. Blek.

Wylie Kinson said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog, Julia.

I read a few of your posts and let me first acknowledge the passing of your dad. He sounded like a very interesting fellow and I'm so sorry for your loss.

I'm glad you have (and recognize) your Blinky!
I'm sure I've had a guardian angel looking out for me since I was a kid. So many 'wrong' situations have turned out okay for me, and so much great luck has come my way. My dad died when I was a toddler and I always felt that he's been keeping an eye on me.

julia said...

Amy and Wylie, welcome!

Amy, if you see someone posting as HighlandRebel on, that would be yours truly.

Wylie, thank you for your kind thoughts about my dad. Today was the first day I could bring myself to enter his date of passing into my family history book and in my bible. It seemed I needed a few weeks to let that settle before I could write it.

And I feel very happy whenever Blinky lets me know it's around. (I don't really like saying 'it'. That's not much better than 'he/she'.) My happiness is the same sort of unbridled glee that a young child displays. And I get a very warm, thrilled feeling inside my chest.