Monday, April 30, 2007

A Special Treat for Gram Tomorrow

My grandmother plays piano, but not as much now that she's 92 and hard of hearing. Her arthritis also slows up her fingers and she gets impatient when her body won't make the music come.

But in her day she played piano at all the house parties, and my grandfather played the fiddle. Not this grandma's husband. This grandma is my mom's mom. The grandpa who played the fiddle was my dad's dad. The two of them were a duo and played the night away.

She misses those days. We often joke about finding her a man to fiddle around with. Well, probably because we just lost my dad and the idea struck my uncle that time's a-tickin', so my uncle asked two musician friends of his if they would come over to Gram's house and play for a bit with her. They'll be there tomorrow morning for about an hour or so. My uncle is going to videotape it.

Luckily I've got an appointment at the allergy clinic tomorrow morning, and when I get home they'll still be here before I head into work. My mom made Cape Breton pork pies just for the occasion (don't know why they're called that - they're little raisin tarts with maple frosting.) Should be right some fun, 'bye!


Christine said...

I'd love to hear how your grandmother reacted. I bet she'll love it!

Annie Mac said...

Sounds like a wonderful morning for your Gram. And I LOVE pork pies. I had them for the first time a couple of years ago at a Christmas party - it's the reason I go to that party each year.