Friday, April 12, 2013

A to Z Blog Challenge - 5 on Friday Set 166 - K

The second Friday of the A to Z Blog Challenge brings us once again to the musical feature, 5 on Friday.

Travis at Trav's Thoughts invites everyone to lay down a short set of music that takes their fancies for his 5 on Friday meme.

It's time to celebrate April birthday girls!

On Day 11 of the A to Z Blog Challenge


is for

and four other singers born this month

1 - A Moment Like This  -  Kelly Clarkson

2 - For Your Eyes Only - Sheena Easton 

3 - Hold On - Birthday girl Carnie Wilson and Wilson Phillips 

4 -Spice Up Your Life - Birthday girl Victoria Beckham and the Spice Girls

5 - Dark Waltz - Hayley Westenra


Durward Discussion said...

Wonderful set with "For Your Eyes Only" being the favorite this week.

S. L. Hennessy said...

SPICE GIRLS!! My childhood heroes. Saw them in my first ever concert.

Happy A to Z blogging.

Mike Golch said...

Wilson Phillips Hold on is my pick of the weeek,your other tunes were enjoyable to listen to as well.thanks for sharing the tunes.

Travis Cody said...

Excellent collection of ladies this week!