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A to Z Blog Challenge - BOUND BY DRAGONSFYRE on Tour - L

On Day 12 of the A to Z Blog Challenge


is for

Lord Thibault

one of the main characters in my dark fantasy

Please join me at Bookworm Babblings for my third review as part of Black Lion Virtual Book Tours.

It's always a good sign when the book review blogger posts this on her sidebar the day before:

As it turns out, her three exclamation marks weren't a typo. She gave BOUND BY DRAGONSFYRE:

Now it's my turn for three exclamation marks!!! Drop by her blog to read the review. 

Getting back to A to Z--my dark fantasy 
BOUND BY DRAGONSFYRE follows the story of unclaimed noble Scorpius, once raised to be a little lord at the nursery with the other boys and girls. When no one from his family comes to fetch him back to his ancestral home, Scorpius must go instead with a falconer who needs an apprentice.

Spending his boyhood with his first master Richolf, a deadly game of court intrigue sends a youthful Scorpius to serve his second master -- Lord Thibault, a young noble his own age.

I always have an actor in mind when I'm writing my characters, and for me Lord Thibault looks and sounds like English actor David Oakes. He's played quite a few nasty characters so far, but Lord Thibault bucks the trend of most nobles Scorpius encounters, who show themselves to be cruel and dangerous. 

In this fan vid, David Oakes plays Juan Borgia. 


Arlee Bird said...

I don't know who David Oakes is but there are a lot of actors I don't know about.

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