Friday, May 15, 2009

7 More Things About Me

VaBookworm tagged me with 7 Things About Me.

The rules are as follows:

A) Link to your original tagger. Post the rules.

B) The rules are Zen-like in their simplicity. Share 7 things about yourself.

For any who might be sweating at this point about being tagged - worry not. I'm leaving this one open to all players.

*rubbing hands together*

Okay - let's get started, shall we?

1 - I'm currently deep in obsession mode with the Absolution CD by Muse. I go on these on a regular basis. I sit down at the computer, put my headphones on, put the CD in and jam to the music while I write. It's the only way.

2 - I am a serious Russophile. Huh? A what-o-phile? A Russophile - someone in love with Russia and Russians.

I always have been, as far back as I can remember. There's no Russian connection in my family history. We're 13th-generation Canadians of French descent - Acadians.

I grew up in Nova Scotia, a serious chip off the Aulde Scotia block. Not much of a Russian emigre community here. But still, I can never get enough of all things Russian.

So I can't wait to watch this DVD Brad brought home for us this weekend. 1612 tells the story of the rise of Andrei, a servant in Boris Godunov's court, who rises to heroic status during the wars between the Russians and Poles. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!

3 - I'm currently reading Year of Wonders - A Novel of The Plague by Geraldine Brooks.

4 - Whatever happens during the week, I know I'll get to have lunch with my best friend on Thursdays. Sigh. Like yesterday. She's my oasis of sanity in the madhouse.

5 - Because this has been my week at work.

6 - My garden beckons...

Soon, dear one!

7 - I'm gaga for these Real Fruit Gummies. The yogurty ones and the tropical ones. Yummy.

Nikki says Nice. Thanks for sharing!

Susan Helene Gottfried says Ooh, I hope you love Year of Wonders as much as I did.

Deeptesh says Wonderful.


Ire said...

Nice. Thanks for sharing!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Ooh, I hope you love Year of Wonders as much as I did. It's a fantastic book.

deepteshpoetry said...

Wondeful.I've a poem too.U haven't seen it.Pls do.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Nikki - You should tag yourself on this one...

Susan - I am loving it. I just finished March, and leapt right into Year of Wonders. Fantastic writer.

Deeptesh - I'll be right over.

Akelamalu said...

It's always good to find out more about you Julia! I like the photo of you and your best friend. :)

Travis Cody said...

You are very interesting. Do you also study Russian history? Most of the Russian history I know is very recent...from the 20th century beginning with the Bolshevik revolution and the assassination of the Romanovs.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Akelamalu - She's the best.

Travis - I'd say I have a basic overview of Russian history, but I seem particularly drawn to medieval Russia and just afterwards, during Peter the Great's time. Of course I love Victorian era Russia, or what would be thought of as Imperialist Russia - the chunk of time following Peter the Great and before the Revolution.

I love looking at Russian faces, I really love listening to Russian being spoken, I adore Russian ballet of course, and the Russian composers Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky and Prokofiev. And Russian cinema is really riveting. The Russian acting style is simply amazing. Of course, Stanislavski - whose acting theories we now routinely see everywhere - originated in Russia. What's not to love?

This is giving me an idea for a future Thursday Thirteen.

Anonymous said...

OMG I love yogurt gummies! And hmm, that book must be very uplifting, LOL.

efaqffqaewfm said...

I love gummies... I think I'll have to check those out!

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Isabella - I tend to like heartbreaking stories that work out in the end. Or sometimes don't. I don't need a Happily Ever After all the time. And the writing in Year of Wonders is really masterful.

VaBookworm - I'm completely addicted.

Thomma Lyn said...

Year of Wonders looks fascinating! I've added it to my TBR list. :)

Annette Gallant said...

I've added Year of Wonders to my TBR pile as well. I'm with you on the whole 'don't need a happily ever after ending' thing.

Hope this week at work is much better! :-)

Damian said...

Oh my god, there's so much useful info above!