Friday, June 6, 2008

"None can see the wind but in its effects on the trees. Neither can we see emotions but in their effects on face and body." - Nathaniel LeTonnerre

'There is no joy in Mudville,' as Ernest L. Thayer would put it. And in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia - hometown of Sidney Crosby - there's even church signs trying to cheer us up.

My post for today is a look at the emotions swirling through Sidney as he plays his longed-for first Stanley Cup playoffs, only to shake hands with winning Detroit goalie Chris Osgoode before withdrawing to the locker room.

To make life nearly unbearable, the CBC is threatening to let the license lapse on its Hockey Night in Canada theme. Just watch the reaction of these two toddlers on YouTube when they hear that theme start up on their TV.

If Sid could keep it together after seeing the Cup go to the Red Wings, he would crumble into tiny pieces if Hockey Night in Canada ditched its iconic theme.


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Ooh, awesome. What amazing shots!! (even though I'm not in any, although some might argue that makes them better...)

I've said it repeatedly the past few days: I am proud of that team. Every last one of them. Those guys gave their all and no one should fault them for how they finished.

Although, yeah, they didn't play well in Game 6. That must be said. Still, they did their best at that moment, and no one can ask for more.

Heather D said...

I was reading your post just as I Heard on the News that agreement not reached for The theme song to remain. The little one Directly in from of the TV on Youtube Clip makes me think Of Sarah at that age and the music on The Weather Network. Our household is not a house of hockey watchers but the theme is such a part of Canadian heritage You think CBC and Hockey night in Canada. I don't think a hockey Fan will boycott due to theme change. I will as I would normally change the channel after the Theme is over anyway. Long Comment sorry.

Heather D said...

Long comment sorry? Why would I say Sorry? Canadian eh

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Heather - LOL!! Exactly, eh.

Susan - I just feel he's got the weight of the world on his shoulders at the moment. No matter what anyone says, he's going to feel that way as the captain. But he can't help it - that's why he's such a young captain in the first place. He's a natural leader.

Akelamalu said...

I don't know anything about hockey but those are great shots!

Unknown said...

There's always next year. Something for Sid the Kid to look forward to.

I'm in shock about that song.

Wylie Kinson said...

Ah - my heart went out to Sid - and the team. They've nothing to be ashamed of, though. It was a great year.

Annette Gallant said...

The whole team should hold their heads high. They definitely played a good season.

And wasn't the third period insane? I was sure they would be heading into overtime.

Great pics, btw!