Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2009 Blog Improvement Project - 4 - Blog Basics and Bloggy Bingo Update - Scroll down for Through the Opera Glasses

Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness suggested the following change-ups during the last challenge. I only managed to complete half of them, because my blog has a pretty set schedule and I could only manage those. But I was very pleased with how they did change things up for me, and I'll comtinue on with the other styles until I've got the whole list completed:

"1 - A Link Post - share a series of links your readers might find interesting * Here's a list of sites I frequent on the web. *
2 - A Short Post - less than 200 words * This redirect post pointing the way to my missmakeamovie post clocks in at 19 words. *
3 - A List Post - simple as it sounds, a list of some sort * My list of tins pictures for Dorte H fits this one. *
* A second list post: My Favorite Female Film Characters From the Past Ten Years *
4 - An Opinion Post - take an event, news, or another blog post and share your opinion on it
5 - A Poll or Question Post - post a poll or ask your readers a specific question for feedback
6 - A How-To Post - You’re an expert in something; big or small, share how to do it * My fiction writing research led to The Common Tea Bag and Its Uncommon Use In First Aid.*
7 - A Long Post - more than 700 words
8 - A Review Post - self-explanatory, I think. * Here is a review of the HD broadcast of the ballet La Fille Mal Gardee at Empire Theatres across Canada, this past Jan. 31st. *
9 - A Definition Post - show your expertise about a topic related to your blog
10 - FREE SPACE - a type of post of your choice (that is not the same as one of the previous posts)"
* My Second Blogiversary post is a once-a-year extravaganza, so I'll count that as my free space. *

This week's challenge:

"Write (or update) your “About Me” Page — Make sure you can see your About Me from the main page of your blog because someone just arriving at the site should be able to easily see a little information about you

Update your contact information

Add some sort of picture of yourself (if you’re comfortable with that)

Update your Blogroll

Create a link to your Archives on your front page (there are a lot of widgets for this, or you can find other ways to do it — either way, it’s important to do so people who want your archives can find them to get a sense of what they can expect from your blog)

Add a link (or make sure a link is there) so readers can subscribe to your blog via RSS

Get to work on other basic blog maintenance you’ve been meaning to do"
- Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness

I'm very, very interested in finding out how Archives widgets work. And a redo of my About Me page would definitely be in order, as well as perhaps moving it up from the very bottom of my sidebar...


splummer said...

I'm with you on the Archive Widget! Don't understand this one. Although I have got an Archive on my blog. Wonder if this is the same thing? Have a great day!!


Dorte H said...

Julia, I am glad you could use your post about your beautiful tins as part of your bingo :)

I am not going to use one of yours tomorrow, but just wait - they will all appear on my blog before or later.

Travis said...

This project proves that there is always something to blog about.