Monday, February 23, 2009

Through the Opera Glasses - 5 - My Top Ten Oscar Gowns From the 2009 Red Carpet

The Oscars is my second-favorite night of the year, after Christmas Eve. I'm still feeling the buzz!

Not only does it celebrate one of my favorite art forms - film - but I love the marriage between the film industry and the fashion industry: The Red Carpet.

For someone who doesn't bother much about what I look like day-to-day, I am someone who loves to dress up for special occasions. And I love haute couture. Oscar Night sends me into paroxysms of glee.

For today's Through the Opera Glasses, here are my personal favorites among the gowns that appeared on the Red Carpet Sunday night.

1 - My favorite: Evan Rachel Wood is stunning in this sculpted cream-colored Elie Saab gown.

2 - Natalie Portman is radiant in her pink strapless gown by Rodarte.

3 - Nancy O'Dell in a graceful white grecian gown by Pamela Rolland.

4 - Virginia Madsen in a dramatic red Kevan Hall strapless gown.

5 - Daniela Barbosa de Carneiro, Lady Kingsley with her husband Sir Ben Kingsley. She wears a frothy orange grecian gown whose designer I couldn't identify.

6 - Alicia Keyes in a beautifully-draped lavender Armani Prive gown.

7 - Diane Lane with her husband Josh Brolin. So elegant in a black strapless Dolce and Gabbana gown.

8 - Producer Susan Levin with her husband, Robert Downey Jr. She wears an artfully-draped red strapless Blumarine gown with a rhinestone belt detail.

9 - Taraji P. Henson glows in this white tiered Roberto Cavalli gown.

10 - Amy Adams is bold in a classic red strapless gown by Carolina Herrera.

Both Diane Lane and Amy Adams made my list last year. You can check out my 2008 picks HERE.


Travis said...

We watched a bit of the show after the basketball games were over.

We're both huge fans of Diane Lane.

I'm not really a fashion kind of guy, but I did appreciate how many gentlemen wore classic bow ties. I've always thought that was the most elegant way to wear a tuxedo.

Nikki said...

I loved Amy Adam's dress! I am in love with the colour red forever!!!

Anne MacFarlane said...

I thought almost everyone looked beautiful. No raging disasters like there were years ago.

I did notice how scary thin many of the actresses are.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

We must have similar tastes, my friend. And know what I noticed about almost all those dresses? They had a lot going on through the trunk of the gown, drawing the eye away from cleavage and hips and putting it square in the middle.

I'm intrigued by that trend.

Julia Smith said...

Interesting, Susan. As a buxom lass myself, I'm never attracted to cleavage-baring designs. I've noticed I'm always impressed by strong bodice designs.

anthonynorth said...

It was a great night for my fellow Brits this year.
Great photos.

Dorte H said...

Gorgeous robes - including some I wouldn´t dare to breathe in LOL
And I agree with Nikki - red is also my colour.

Kelly Boyce said...

Great choices - I think Kate Winslet looked amazing too. I was so glad she won.

Kailana said...

The dresses were not something I paid a lot of attention to. I think I only notice when I really hate a dress. Otherwise, I am not a dress person. They all do look really pretty, though!

Heather said...

:( I missed the red carpet infact I missed most of the awards. However I loved the song and dance number for all the musicals over the years. It had an old Hollywood feeling to it.

Thomma Lyn said...

All gorgeous dresses! I'm not much of a dress person myself, but I do love the color red. :)

Shelley Munro said...

This is the first time I've seen the gowns etc because I didn't watch the Oscars. There seem to be a lot of strapless gowns. I liked all the colors. I'm not such a fan of black, mainly because it looks terrible on me. :)

Jeeves said...

Nice choice here. Kate winslet also looked very good

Amy said...

natalie portman's beautiful! i loved her in star war:)