Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Second Blogiversary

Welcome to my Second Blogiversary Celebration! Come in. Find a seat. I've got a show planned that celebrates life as I love to live it. And I'm grateful to you, my blog readers and fellow bloggers, for sharing this life with me.

Photo by Hill Peppard

First up is Gene Wilder singing Pure Imagination from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. My life just wouldn't be the same if it wasn't fueled by imagination.

I just love Gene Wilder. He's one of my favorite actors, and he's way up there. I love his slightly creepy vibe in Willie Wonka. Really gray, as in The Gray Character - not the hero, not the villain, but Gray.

Next up - what else could it be but a ballet variation? After imagination, ballet is what I live for. If I make it to 130 years old, it still won't be enough time to see all the ballet I long for.

Here is Marcin Krajewski, dancing the role of The Slave Ali from Le Corsaire, a variation within a pas de deux. A variation is a solo dance piece.

Sigh. I could watch that all day. I think I'll watch it again.

Okay. Can't keep the next act waiting.

Following a ballet version of a noble warrior spirit trapped within a slave, here are young Shaolin monks going through their sword excercises. Beautiful, if lethal choreography along with swords - can't beat that combination for me.

Love it! And now - Spectacular Spectacular! Or should I say, Hindi Sad Diamonds from Moulin Rouge?

Oh, I love that part of Moulin Rouge. The music often goes through my head, and I love the unabashed lushness of the Bollywood homage.

The curtain's rising again. Let's join conductor Giuseppe Sinopoli as he leads us through a concert version of Verdi's Anvil Chorus from the opera Il Trovatore (The Troubador.)

I was lucky enough to sing this piece while I lived in Toronto and sang with Ryerson University's Oakham House Choir. We did a program of famous opera choruses, and this was so joyous to sing.

Here's another choir now - the Gregory Hopkins Gospel Choir, in concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina, singing O Happy Day. Brothers and sisters, this group cooks.

Oh Happy Day, indeed. I feel truly, truly blessed to share my thoughts, my poetry, my fiction, my photography, my love of art, films and dance, my delight in this life and in meeting all of you. Thank you for making these past two years so very special for me.

And here comes the big finale! Enjoy!


Sandee said...

Happy Blogoversary to you
Happy Blogoversary to you
Happy Blogoversary Dear A Piece of My Mind,
Happy Blogoversary to you.

I just love a good party. :)

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Thanks, Sandee! ((hug))

Ire said...

Hey Happy Blogoversary! May you have many many many and many (phew!)more to come!

Shelley Munro said...

Happy blogiversary, Julia. I just loved your finale. Happy sigh...

Annette Gallant said...

Happy Blogiversary, Julia!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogiverary! I loooove Gene!!! Thanks for that clip! And I will add you to the meme tags. :)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Two years?? Wow. If someone had asked, I'd have said you'd been here as long as I have been. You are timeless, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Your anniversary and we get the treats! Thanks for the wonderful entertainment. Happy Blogging to You!

Donna Alward said...

Oh, what's a party without Richard Armitage? Such a happy sigh....

M. said...

Couldn't watch the clips because sleeping toddler's nap is sacred (woe on them who wake her prematurely), but - I just love it that you have such a diverse artist's soul, seeking the beautiful in all kinds of styles instead of just the one you grew up in (whatever that may have been). Yay diversity!

Anonymous said...

Yayayay! Happy blogiversary to you!

I agree about gene wilder and willy wonka. as much as i love Johnny Depp, there's no person on this earth who could be wonka other than wilder.

Akelamalu said...


I think we must have started blogging roundabout the same time, it's mine soon.

I love Gene Wilder too.

Unknown said...

Happy blogiversary!!HUGS!

Travis Cody said...

Mr Krajewski is amazing. He made all his leaps look so effortless.

And Gene Wilder's Pure Imagination is one of my favorite movie musical moments.

Happy Bloggiversary and thanks for the musical and dance moments!

Christine Wells said...

Hey, Julia! Happy blogoversary! Must say it was worth it to pop over, just to see that Richard Armitage clip!


Um, I mean, it's always lovely to chat with you, my dear:)

Unknown said...

Congratulations on your second Blogiversary. Great Show you put on.