Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thursday Thoughts - 6 - My Internet Footprints

Just as a person's bookshelf will tell a lot about a person, the sites frequented by a person as she surfs the net is also a good snapshot into her inner life. If you look closely, you can find my internet footprints in the February snow.

1 - Art Renewal Center

This is where I find many of the art pieces which appear on my Sidebar Art Gallery - but not all.

2 -

This site salvaged my sanity when my husband and I first moved to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia from Toronto, Ontario ten years ago. I could read reviews of current ballet productions from companies all over the world. And it has a sizeable article archive, too.

3 - Convicts to Australia

This site is one example of web research I love to do for my various works in progress.

4 - and

I refer to both of these sites more times than you might suspect...

5 - Empire Theatres

A great site to find out what's on the screens, where and at what times they're playing.

6 - Facebook

This is my Facebook page. Just love Facebook. It keeps me in regular contact with so many of my friends and family members who aren't in hugging distance. Come and find me! I'm listed as Julia Smith.

7 - Internet Movie Database

What would I do without this site? I shudder to think. Although I have a somewhat photographic memory when it comes to remembering actors and where I saw them last, I rely on IMDB constantly when I want to check out an actor, director, etc. and what else they've done.

My favorite part of IMDB is the User Comments section attached to each film. Just love reading other viewers' reactions to films.

8 - Life Paths Animal Totems and Earth Medicine

This isn't the only animal totem site I go to, but it certainly is a comprehensive resource, as long as your totem is covered by this site. Otherwise, I simply Google search the animal in question and go where the results take me.

9 - The National Ballet of Canada

This one's a no-brainer...

10 - Poetry Forms and Terminology

A site I go to when I feel a poem coming on, and need to find a form to give it structure.

11 - The Quote Garden

I love including quotes in my cards to people. This is where I find many of them.

12 - Richard Armitage Online

My favorite fangirl site. I hit pretty regularly, too.

13 - YouTube

I'm listening to my YouTube playlist right now. Take My Hand, Precious Lord by Elvis, actually.


Wylie Kinson said...

Very cool sites, Julia. I'm a regular on IMDB (love that I can figure out where I saw 'that actor' and 'when') and spend way too much time on research sites. My latest obsession is Urban Dictionary.

gel(Emerald Eyes) said...

Quite an array of useful sites. Some look familiar. Thx!

Julia Smith said...

Wylie - I've headed over to Urban Dictionary when I needed to find out what the heck 'props' meant. And other sundry bons mots.

Gel - No problemo!

Bobbi said...

I frequent IMDB as well.

I'm ashamed to admit I spend waaaaay too much time researching LOST - how is that damn Island moving through time and space??

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I am envious. I rarely get to escape my Google Reader to visit actual websites!

Sniz said...

How true...our surfng IS like a window to our personality. I'd never thought about it that way. Before the internet, what were windows into our personalities?

Louise said...

What a great post. I really enjoyed reading it and seeing the various sites you spend time on. I may just steal the idea! And I am off to facebook to look for you.

M. said...

1. I've never seen that particular painting of Toulouse Latrec's before. What a nice change from all those bar scenes!

2. I'm going straight to quote garden, since I always need great ones for my chapter epigraphs!

Amy Ruttan said...

You know Richard Armitage was named by some Romance Authors as the sexiest of 2009.

I have to agree.

Travis said...

Very interesting sites. I enjoy internet research because I don't have to get up and move to get what I need. Although I have to remind myself often not to get lazy and make sure I confirm any facts with alternate sources.

I hate to get something wrong when it's important.

Ann said...

Cool sites. I you like reading mysteries, try

Ann said...

That's supposed to say, IF you like reading mysteries. Oy. :)

splummer said...

This is a great post! It's amazing the places people go to on the web. Have a great day!!


Anonymous said...

I like the term 'internet footprint'. I did learn a lot about you in this interesting post. I, too, am almost totally consumed by blog-hopping from my reader... but, I do go to all the time. (and I don't know anything abt Richard Armitage, so I need to chase that link...)